And Jez came too

Tuesday 6th January 2015

There was fine misty rain when we left home for our walk on Canford Heath this morning, so I was really surprised when Jez came too. By the time we started walking though it had cleared up. We headed for the path over to Steeple Close only to discover that, as a result of the ongoing conservation work on the heath, yet another of Max’s cone trees has been cut down.

Oh No! Another of Max's cone trees bites the dust

We fought our way through the deep mud created by the contractors and headed on towards Steeple Close. Here there was one of the contractor’s lorries parked on the main entrance onto the heath. I’ve taken a photo so you can see the sort of muddy paths we’re having to deal with.

This is what we have to contend with at the moment

We met some of Jez’s doggy friends on the redbrick path and, after stopping for a chat, headed on towards Hotchkiss. En route Jez and Max found something interesting that required investigation.

Now what's this?

In fact from Jez’s point of view it required a lot of investigation.

Jez is very inquisitive

We carried on up towards the stream and as we did so the clouds started to clear.

Canford Heath landscape

And I got some good photos of the dogs, like this one of Max.

Knee deep only today

And then these of Jezebel (which I’m really pleased with).

Jez poses nicely

Portrait of Jezebel

In your face

After that we headed back to the car. The sun had come out fully by this time, but the wind had got up quite a bit. It was such a change from the start of our walk.

A year ago today

I drove out to Wimborne to take photos of the River Stour in flood.

The sun breaks through over the flooded Stour


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