Please don’t eat my iPhone!

Thursday 8th January 2015

It had been raining heavily overnight and heavy rain was forecast to continue throughout the morning, only clearing after mid-day. So this morning I donned full waterproof gear and decided to walk Max over to Upton Heath. As I got ready to go out the rain seemed to be easing a little, but nevertheless I didn’t even bother putting Jezebel’s collar on. How wrong could I be. She heard a strange noise, got up, ran around, and decided that she wanted to come for a walk too! So in the end I got Chris to run us over to the heath in the car, so that I could walk the dogs round and then walk home via Creekmoor Ponds ( a walk Jez is rather fond of).

Oddly enough, by the time we got to the heath the rain had stopped. I hadn’t bothered taking a camera so only had my iPhone with me today. Anyway, here’s Max waiting to play by the pond (notice his cone dropped just in front of him).

Time to play

And Jez…

Jez on a wetwalk

… who decided to have a good sniff at a clump of grass.

Time for a sniff

We walked on round and were almost back at the Roman Road when we met the Exmoor Ponies. I took out my phone and walked a few yards towards them for a better shot, at which point they decided that they wanted to come and see me.

The Exmoor Ponies wander over

The one on the left, which is the tamest, came closer still.

Getting closer

In fact it came very close, to the extent that I was a bit worried that it thought my phone was a tasty treet!

Exmoor Pony selfie

At that point it felt it was most probably best to beat a hasty retreat. By the way, you can tell how wet it had been over night by how wet the ponies are.

We walked a short way along the Roman Road, which was starting to flood with all the water running off the heath. Max headed for the stream and it was so deep it came up to his neck, so so much for me keeping his chest dry.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk along the beach at Hamworthy.

All lined up


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