Max features today

Friday 9th January 2015

There was some sunshine this morning, so while Jez stayed in bed Max and I went firstly to the vet, for him to have a check up, and then onto Canford Heath. Here’s Max at his first pond of the day, looking very serious. Well, it’s a serious business, isn’t it?

Max's serious face

We walked on a little way and then turned up the hill. Here’s Max waiting by the path that leads across the heath to the stream. He’s checking we’re going to turn off that way before he goes on ahead.

Is it this turn Mum?

So we walked to the stream and I let him have a short game of cone in the shallower part of it. And then we crossed over and headed back to the car. But not before we’d encountered the cows. This poor creature had been quietly standing in the bushes at the side of the track until Max wandered over and disturbed it. Then it ambled off to join it’s friends.

Max and a cow

After that we headed home. I got back just in time to go straight out again and do the grocery shopping before lunch.

Oh, and the vet was very pleased with Max’s progress. His skin looks a bit better under this new regime, but although his right ear, in which he had a slight infection, has cleared up, the infection has now moved to his left ear! Anyway, I’m going to keep on cleaning his ears and putting the drops in daily, and then in another week will move to cleaning them every two days. And I have to continue shampooing him every two days as well.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath. After all of the rain the entrance to the heath from Gravel Hill was flooded.

The Gravel Hill entrance to Canford Heath is flooded again


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