We had a lot of rain overnight

Saturday 10th January 2015

It was very wet everywhere today and I thought we might get wet when we went for our walk of Upton Heath this afternoon. As it turned out we had some sunshine. The Roman Road seemed to have turned into a stream, with all of the water running off the heath, however.

There's a new stream along the Roman Road today

And in the other direction there was a new large pond – oops, sorry, a puddle.

New stream along the Roman Road

Walking up the Roman Road I took this photo of a slightly different view of the heath, made possible where some of the hedging has been cut back.

View across Upton Heath

Once we got onto the heath the visibility across Poole towards Arne wasn’t very good.

Upton Heath

Here’s Jez stopping to survey the scene.

Jez gazes out across the heath

We walked down the hill towards the pond and I suddenly saw two of the cows come running from the direction of the pond towards us, with a liver coloured staffy in hot pursuit. I was just wondering where I could stand safely when the dog gave up and the cows slowed to a trot.

At a trot

When I found the dog’s owner I pointed out that it wasn’t a particularly good idea to let it chase the cows. He hadn’t had a clue what it was up to though.

And so we came to the pond, where Max suddenly got very serious.

This cone playing is a very serious business

And I managed to get Jez to pose for me.


And lastly, a shot across the lower heath looking into the low winter sun.

The sun starts to go down

Then it was home to bath Max again before the rain arrived.

A year ago today

We went to the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest for our walk.

View towards Morden Bog


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