The new walk at Upton Country Park is open

Tuesday 13th January 2015

In fact, it opened on Saturday, and Chris took Max there. Today was my first time, and as we had some sunshine and I only had Max with me, I thought I’d try it out and take some photos along the way, so there are lots of photos today.

You may recognise this bit: the new path heads out of the Woodland Walk to the fields beyond.

Heading towards the new walk

Leaving the Woodland Walk there are lots of new smells for Max to investigate.

Max investigates the new walk

Heading for the bridge over the stream. This is a new stream for Max and it eventually runs into the lake that he likes to play in.

About to cross the stream

We’ve just done a big loop, passing the housing and industrial estates in Upton, and are now headed back towards the new picnic area by the stream we crossed earlier.

Heading back to the Woodland Walk

We had been walking around this section of the walk with a gentleman and his cocker spaniel, Oscar. Along this section of the stream are some stepping stones (currently fenced off as the path hasn’t been put in the other side yet). Oscar thought he’s brave the water, but it was deeper than he thought – too deep for him to even get out onto the stepping stones!

Oh dear! It was deeper than Oscar thought

We managed to call him across to the bank though, and he was fine.

Safe and sound, and time for a shake

Max, by the way, had no problems with the stream being a much bigger dog. Here he heading towards the lake, where they are still doing some clearance work.

Clearance work along the new path

And so we came to the lake and our normal walk. There are a few photos from our usual route today – firstly a view across Holes Bay just before we get to the boardwalk.

View over Upton Lake

And then, as we walked on, there were some young steers in the field and a couple of them were right up by the fence. This one took a particular interest in Max, who insisted on barking at it.


As the cow was so close I took a few close ups, including this one, which I’ve called ‘A good trick if you can manage it’

A good trick if you can manage it

We cut through the gardens back to the car park, but by this time Max was very muddy, so I thought I’d take him back to the new stream to give him a bit of a rinse off. When I say ‘new stream’ I do, of course, mean new to us. The stream has actually been there for a very long time. By this time the sky was getting very black. This photo is taken heading towards the stream and the stepping stones. We regularly meet the elderly gentleman with his daughter’s dog who is coming towards us in the photo.

Bridge to the picnic area

As I said, the sky was getting pretty black by this time. This shot is taken just before the stepping stones, looking back to the picnic area.

It's going to rain

And yes, those clouds dumped on us. We got hailed on before we could get back to the car.

A year ago today

We went to Upton Heath, coming home via Creekmoor Ponds, where I took this photo.

Creekmoor Ponds in the January sun


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