Power cut

Friday 16th January 2015

We had our second power cut in 6 days today. Last Saturday night it went off for 3 hours, coming back on at 10.30pm. Today it was off when we woke up. We hoped initially that it would be back on by lunchtime, so Chris did the morning walk as it the lack of power meant he couldn’t work in the morning. That left me with the afternoon walk. Today we went over to Canford Heath, where I rather liked the way the sun lit up this naked silver birch.

Silver birch in the sunlight

Jez led the way, as usual (!), and this was the path she insisted on taking us along.

Look what the contractors have done to the path

All of that mud has been churned up by the contractors who have been working on the heath. They are supposed to be making the paths good again, but they seem to have disappeared and the paths are as bad as even.

We walked down towards Steeple Close and I had to stop her heading down the Redbrick Path. After that we walked up onto the heath, making for the stream, where we met the cows.

Cow in the grass

The sun was going down by the time we finished our walk and we came home to find there was still no power. It eventually came back on at 5.30pm.

A year ago today

Max and I had a bit of a bleak walk at Upton Country Park.

Black skies over Upton Country Park


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