It’s mainly about birds

Thursday 22nd january 2015

This morning dawned bright and sunny, albeit cold, and as Jez decided to stay in bed I took Max to Upton Country Park. The tide was really high this morning – about as high as it gets.

High tide

As we crossed the boardwalk I took this photo of the sun through the reed beds.

Sunlight through the reeds

There were quite a lot of teal out on the water today, too.

Male and female Teal

And the Little Egrets were back in the fields.

Little Egret

Once again I failed to see the Redwing and Fieldfares that I was assured were around.

Back home in the afternoon and I was catching up on my cleaning, as the new part I needed for my vacuum cleaner had arrived. I had realised a few days ago, though, that in the afternoon the sun is getting round onto my bird feeders, so at one point I took a break from the cleaning and tried out an idea I’d had: of standing just inside the garage door and using it as a sort of hide. It worked really well, as you can see.

Here is a blue tit.

Blue Tit

And a couple of house sparrows on the feeders over by the fence (I took this one for my Dad as he hasn’t seen a sparrow for a while).

House Sparrows

And my favourite, the Long-tailed tit.

Long-tailed tit

There are a few more photos of them on my Flickr stream if you want to hop across there. Otherwise I’ll leave you with one last photo: of a blue tit and long-tailed tit on the feeder.

Something's caught their attention

A year ago today

Max and I were at Upton Country Park, where I spotted a Sparrowhawk in a tree.



3 thoughts on “It’s mainly about birds

  1. Your photo of the sun shining through the reed beds is absolutely wonderful, great composition! And I love the pics of the birds you have in the garden. I never saw a long-tailed tit before but my sister just today found that they were feeding in her garden here in Ireland, which is great!

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