A beautiful frosty morning on Upton Heath

Friday 23rd January 2015

We had quite a hard frost this morning – only really our second of the winter. Jez decided to stay snuggled up in bed so, rather than clean the car windscreen off, I walked Max over to Upton Heath. I also had the sense to take my best camera with me today.

Upton Heath was looking beautiful in the morning sunshine.

Upton Heath on a frosty morning

I posted that photo of Twitter and have had lots of re-tweets and comments on it.

The gorse was frosted in places.

Frosted Gorse

Frosted Gorse Flower

And I’ve even made the the frozen, muddy puddles look attractive.

Icy Puddle

Poor Max was upset as his pond was frozen though (you can see the cones I’ve thrown sitting on the ice.

Oh no! The pond's frozen again

But my brave little ice-breaker decided those cones just had to be retrieved.

My little ice breaker

The pond on the little hill had frozen too.

Frozen in time and space

Walking on we came across the Exmoor Ponies, standing around in the sunshine.

Exmoor Ponies

The friendliest of them was happy to pose for me.

Exmoor Pony in the sun

And so we headed back to Creekmoor Ponds, via the Roman Road where I took this photo of the cone boy in the stream.

Cone boy

Here’s Max standing by the larger of the two ponds, totally ignoring all of the birds and hoping to go in.

Max at Creekmoor Ponds

And that cormorant you can see drying his wings wasn’t phased by either Max or I. Drying his wings was far more important.

Cormorant Silhouette

It had been a great morning’s walk and I was really pleased with my photos.

A year ago today

We met the cows on Canford Heath.

Hello there!


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