Back on Upton Heath

Saturday 24th January 2015

After a morning spent cleaning I was back on Upton Heath with both Jez and Max this afternoon. There was no frost and ice today, though. We were fortunate to have sunshine for our walk. Here’s Jez under the pine trees finding something interesting to sniff.

Jez has found something interesting to sniff

I was surprised to see that the honeysuckle which grows wild on the heath is not only in bud but that the shoots are starting to open.

Honeysuckle shoot

As we walked on towards the pond we met a young Jack Russell whom we first met back in October on his first outing to the heath when he was only 13 weeks old. His name is Vinnie and here he is now.


Back when we first met him he was very taken with Jez, and that doesn’t seem to have changed.

Vinnie & Jezebel

After we left Vinnie we continued on up the hill, at the bottom of which Max hung around in a ditch hoping that I’d throw something for him.

Max in a ditch

We walked on up the hill to the Viewpoint and then cut across towards the Roman Road. En route I took this view looking down across the Heath.

Panorma across Upton Heath

And finally, after Jez had taken us via the route which boasted thick squelchy mud, we got to the Roman Road and cut back down through Pinesprings. As usual Jez had to stop here for a quick rest, so Max decided that it meant that I had time to play with him.

Max wants me to throw something for him - it's a serious business

You might just be able to make Jez out in the background, lying down in front of the house on the left.

A year ago today

We met three very wet Exmoor Ponies on Upton Heath.

All in a row


2 thoughts on “Back on Upton Heath

  1. Sounds like a terrific walk. How fun to meet up with another lucky dog out for a walk. I do have a soft spot for Jack Russell’s ever since that movie, “My Dog Skip” and Eddie, the Jack Russell in the TV comedy ‘Fraser’.
    Max has those sleepy, ‘I’ve-had-too-much-to drink-eyes’ I seem to remember from different boys back in my youth, LOL…they’re both cuties.

    • That pup is a lovely little Jack Russell. We know quite a few and they are very friendly. Unfortunately some can be a bit bed tempered at times, but then so can all breeds. Max’s eyes are lovely, aren’t they. Typical spaniel eyes, but they make for great photographs.

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