A longish Sunday walk on Canford Heath

Sunday 25th January 2015

Well, it was a bit long for Jez, but not as long as I would do if I just had Max. Once again I parked in Culliford Crescent and we walked up the hill. Jez found the very steep bit a bit of a struggle.

Jez struggles up a steep incline

She wasn’t walking very well when we started out, so I took some video of her for the vet. She is due to have her 6 monthly check-up and booster.

As with Max when we came out here last week I took the dogs over towards Knighton Heath and along Wheelers Lane past the stud farm. Here are the two dogs en route enjoying one of the new ponds.

Two dogs in the pond

After we rejoined the heath I took the shorter route back to the car, cutting off quite a big corner. Nevertheless we still walked past the mega puddle, which has grown since last week.

The mega-puddle has grown

As you can see, it was quite cold and overcast, and the light started to fade quite quickly. As we headed back to the car it meant that I was able to capture these rays over the Purbeck Hills though.

Rays of sunlight over the Purbeck Hills

And lastly, here are the dogs, heading down the hill towards the car.

Heading back to the car

We took just under 2 hours for the walk, mainly because Jez was so slow a lot of the time. Both dogs seemed to enjoy themselves though and Jez wasn’t too tired to go out for her evening walk with Chris as well.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath.

Upton Heath


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