At last I get to see the Redwings

Friday 30th January 2015

It was a cold, sunny morning so Max and I went to Upton Country Park for our walk. In order to ring in the changes I put the 70-300mm lens on the EOS 20D, and what a good job I did.

For a start, as I drove up towards the carpark I glanced to my right and saw a buzzard in the field. So after we had parked I walked Max back down there. The buzzard had moved but I did at least manage to get one half decent shot of him.

The buzzard hunts for breakfast in the field

I’m told this is last years fledgeling and that he keeps to the fields at the front of the Park.

After I’d photographed the buzzard Max and I walked back up to the car park and through the gardens down to the shoreline, where I took this photo of Max on the boardwalk.

Max on the boardwalk

I was also rather taken by the sun on the reeds again.


Just before we got to the stream I realised there was a robin in the alder tree at the side of the path. He was singing away, so while Max waited patiently by the stream I took a few photos of him.


After a play in the stream we walked on and finally I got to see the Redwing. Of course, the photos aren’t great as they insist of feeding in the shade, but I’ve done the best I can. The photo is also quite heavily cropped.


While I photographed the Redwing Max put his cone down in the leaf litter, and then had to dig it out again. This digging attracted another robin, who was so interested in what Max was uncovering that he came within about a foot of me – so close that I couldn’t focus on him with the lens I had so actually had to move away!


He was such a little cutie.


And his daring paid off. Max found him a nice big juicy worm.

We continued on our walk, past the lake, through the woodland walk and then round the new ‘loop’. After I’d washed Max off in the stream we headed back to the car, and as we were coming out of the woodland walk Max spotted a male pheasant about 6 feet away. Max stopped, did a double take and then ran. The pheasant flew. Max followed. Eventually he came back, but in the meantime the buzzard had been flying overhead.

Buzzard in flight

Thank goodness for Photoshop. It allowed me to tidy that photo up enough to share.

A year ago today

Wet, muddy dog on Canford Heath.

Muddy nose!


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