Not much sun on Canford Heath

Sunday 1st February 2015

It was a bit of a grey afternoon for our walk over Canford Heath today, which, combined with the bitingly cold wind made it freezing cold. We parked in Steeple Close and I took the dogs up the hill and we headed east on the main path across the heath. This is a black and white view from the top of the hill, looking back over Steeple Close and Tollerford Road.

Monochrome view over Poole

As you can see, the sun was trying to break through the clouds, but it wasn’t having too much success. This shot is from one of my favourite positions to take photos of the view across Poole, and today the sun was coming through the clouds nicely.

Break on through

We walked on and then turned left onto the heath, before going through the gate and dropping down the hill to the stream. En route I took this photo looking towards the old tip. The sky looks slightly more promising in this direction.

Looking towards the old tip

And that was it for today really. After visiting the stream briefly we headed back to the car and then home to the warm.

A year ago today

We went over to Upton Heath where Jez showed us her tongue.



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