Snow! We had snow!

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Firstly, I apologise that I’ve got a little behind with this blog. There have been a number of things going on recently which have all conspired to come together and mess up my routine and the amount of time I have to edit photos and write up our walks. Hopefully I’m in a position to catch up a bit now. Also, there is no blog post for yesterday as I took my Dad to the eye hospital in the morning, so never took the dogs for a walk.

So, onto today, and we woke to a thin blanked of snow. This was quite a surprise as I don’t think it had been forecast and we rarely get snow down here. So while the rest of the country has had quite a bit recently, we’d only seem a few light flakes for a couple of minutes.

I didn’t think Jez was going to come out with me. She’d been out in the garden, gone to the toilet, and shot straight back in. So I was surprised when I got to the end of the drive with Max and Chris called me back. I cleared the snow off the car and Chris drove us over to Upton Heath. I took loads of photos, and it’s taken me ages whittling them down and editing them. I will only share a selection here, but you will find more over on my Flickr account.

So firstly a few views of the heath. This is a view across the lower heath.

Snow on Upton Heath

Here’s Jez on the old railway line.

Jez on the old railway line

This is looking towards the old railway line.

Looking towards the old railway line

This one is the muddy quagmire, now looking very nice with its covering of snow.

What a difference a bit of snow makes to a quagmire

And I liked this shot of a snow-laden gorse flower.


Moving onto the dogs, Max managed to get snow all over his head somehow.

Snowy dog

And here he is again.

Max blends into the background

And in the frozen pond by the boardwalk.

Max in the frozen pond

Jez was very excited by it all.


But she did slow down enough for me to get this shot of her.

Jez on a snowy heath

We also met a lovely staffy boy (whose name I’ve forgotten – sorry).

What a handsome boy

And our friend Benji.

Benji in the snow

And lastly we met the Exmoor ponies.

Exmoor ponies in the snow

That was not such good news, as one of them decided to try and stomp on Jezebel, even though she was only standing in front of it quietly. Fortunately she was not hurt.

We came home and warmed up, and by the time poor Chris went out in the afternoon all of the snow had gone.

A year ago today

Snowdrops at Upton Country Park.



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