Back on Canford Heath

Thursday 12th February 2015

It was a bit of a dull, murky day today. Max and I went to Canford Heath (Jez didn’t want to come), so I parked in Culliford Crescent and we walked the eastern side of the heath today. This was the view over Poole.

It was a bit murky over Poole today

You see what I mean about the weather.

We headed out in the general direction of Knighton Heath golf course and the stud farm, and once again Max picked up scents in the grass and bracken that just had to be investigated.

Max rooting around in the long grass

A little bit further on and we met a lady and gentleman out with their 3 dogs. One of them was an 8 month old Chinese Crested. Now I’ve never met a Chinese Crested before, but I fell in love with this little chap.

8 month old Chinese Crested

He was just full of beans and a really sweet little dog. He was a rescue too, but seemed to have fallen on his feet with his new owners.

After that we cut across the heath before the stud farm as I wanted to check out the path ready for the next time we had Jez with us (I think going via the stud farm is a bit long for her), before heading back to the car.

A year ago today

It was very wet, and Jez chose to stay snuggled on the bed.

Jez snuggles while it pours outside


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