We’re mobile again

Wednesday 11th February 2015

We haven’t got our car back, but the garage dropped off a courtesy car this morning, so at least we can get around. It is only their little garage run around but is fine for us as it means we don’t have to worry about putting the dogs in it. Meanwhile it turns out that the Engine Control Unit has gone on our car. A new one would be over £1,000, so we’re going to have it re-furbished. That means we will be without our car for at least another week.

As we once again had a car I was able to take Jez and Max over to Canford Heath. It wasn’t a particularly nice day, and even the only photo I have from our walk isn’t very good. It’s of Jez and Max as we head towards the stream.

The path to the stream

That said, it’s better than the photos I took yesterday when I walked Max to Upton Country Park and back. I wasn’t at all happy with them, hence the fact that there is no blog post for yesterday.

But back to today. I have one more photo from the end of our walk – of Jez and Max in the back of the loan car.

Jez and Max in the back of the courtesy car

Cosy, eh?

A year ago today

It was a bit wet and muddy on Upton Heath.

Contractors have made a real mess of the old railway line


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