Max rues Friday 13th

Friday 13th February 2015

It was a bit of a grey day again for Max and my’s walk around Upton Country Park. Heavy rain was forecast all morning, so when it wasn’t raining when we got up I took him out earlier than usual to try and miss it. We were successful for at least the first part of our walk. Here’s the view from the boardwalk.

View over Upton Lake

The tide was out quite a way and the dunlins were searching for their breakfast in the mud.

Dunlin searching for breakfast

A bit further on and we passed the fallen tree. I took this photo to show you just how big it was.

That's one very big tree

What is surprising is that the root was only about 2 foot deep, which explains why beech trees are so susceptible to high winds.

Walking on and I’m starting to realise that Max is going to be in for a hard time allergy-wise as all of the catkins are coming out.

A curtain of catkins

By the time we got to the stream it was starting to rain. We stopped for a quick game of cone though and I took this photo of the trees next to the stream.

Stark trees

Once we left the stream it started to rain quite heavily and I altered our route accordingly, winding in and out of the various woodland paths to get some shelter. In the Woodland Walk, though, Max met a very lively boxer cross. Max doesn’t like bouncy dogs and growled and this one and started to chase it off. But Max had picked on the wrong dog and this one turned on him, pinned him to the ground and while Max squealed the dog’s owner and I pulled it off. Unfortunately, although it hadn’t bitten Max, it’s tooth had caught his right ear and torn it, so there was blood everywhere. I eventually managed to staunch the flow of blood and took Max to the stream to rinse him off. We got soaked in the process. Then I took him home and bathed it in salt water. Fortunately he is on anti-biotics at the moment so there’s not need to visit the vet.

A year ago today

It was a sunny day and Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath where I took this photo of the stream. Those trees have been cut down now.

Stream on Canford Heath


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