It’s been a while

Friday 20th February 2015

Max and I went down to the Baiter and Parkstone Bay this morning. It’s been a while since we’ve been as it’s not the nicest place to walk if its wet or windy. But although it was overcast the wind had dropped and there was no rain, plus tides are high at the moment, so we went there for our walk. This was the view from Whitecliff Park towards Parkstone Yatch Club.

Reflections on a yatch club

As usual there were quite a few people walking along the water’s edge.

Out for a stroll

Plus someone fishing.


And although I said the weather was ok today, you can tell how much rain we had because the road under the rail bridge was flooded again.

It's flooded under the bridge agan

Max was a happy dog, though, and as usual waited eagerly behind the sea wall for me to throw soemthing for him.


And here he is a bit further along, still waiting patiently.


As for those winds I spoke about. Well, we didn’t have any today, but you can tell by the trees down at the Baiter that it blows a bit across Poole Harbour.

Shaped by the wind

After our walk I called into Go Outdoors and replaced by walking pole which broke some time ago after Jasper clattered into it. I also treated myself to a scissor/penknife thingy, which I’ve been wanting so that I can carry something in my pocket to cut away stray bits of grass and twig when I’m taking photos.

A year ago today

We saw one of the buzzards at Upton Country Park.

Sitting watching the world go by

And the hawthorn buds were starting to burst.

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