We dodge the showers

Thursday 19th February 2015

Heavy showers were forecast this morning, and it wasn’t particularly nice when I went to leave the house, so I was surprised that Jez decided that she wanted to come with us. We went to Upton Country Park, and, true to the forecast, it soon started to rain. But not before I had taken this photo.

Work has started to remove some of the fallen tree

I don’t know if they are going to remove all of that fallen beech tree or just the branches.

And that’s the only photo I have for you today. I tried taking some photos of the ducks, but they were nothing special (the photos, not the ducks). And as we walked across the boardwalk it started to rain, much to Jez’s disgust. Fortunately it stopped after a while and we were able to continue most of the rest of our walk in the dry. As for that tractor – well we seemed to spend a lot of the walk dodging it. Whoever was driving it was obviously very busy that day.

A year ago today

We were out and about on the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest where we had to find our way around the obstacle course of fallen trees.

Another fallen tree


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