In which Jezebel is not impressed

Saturday 21st February 2015

We went to Upton Heath for our walk this afternoon. The forecast was for sun with the possibility of heavy showers. As you can see from this photo of Jez by the pond, we had the sun at the start of our walk.

Jez in the sunlight

As we walked up the hill, though, rain clouds started to appear.

Rain clouds heading our way

I made for some nice photos, as you can see below, but those clouds were bringing not only rain but hail too.

Those clouds are bringing rain and hail

The rain and hail started just as we reached the top of the hill in one of the most exposed places. Jezebel was not impressed. Not only does she not like rain, but she definitely does not do hail. Fortunately it was short lived and we managed to shelter in a little woody copse for the last minute of so. After which we were able to continue with our walk, if not in the sun then at least in the dry.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a long walk out at Badbury Rings.

Looking north east from King Down


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