There was some blue sky today

Tuesday 24th February 2015

Max and I celebrated by going for a walk on Canford Heath.


There is a lot of water around though, which meant that Max was a happy dog (even though he looks a bit serious in this photo).

Puddle time

Whilst we were walking we made a new friend – Brian. Brian is a staffy / sha pei cross and is a lovely, lovely dog.


Sorry it’s not a great photo of him, but I had trouble getting him to stay still!

And in the afternoon we had good news. The car is ready, so I went and picked it up just before the garage closed. It’s so nice to have our own car back again.

A year ago today

We found a pair of mallards occuping Max’s favourite pond on Upton Heath.

Pair of Mallards


2 thoughts on “There was some blue sky today

  1. So I guess it appears that I am particularly taken with your blog. Something about the brevity, clarity, dog sincerity…very much like your dogs and your relationship to them…the photos portray great characters…

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