Dad’s Birthday

Friday 27th February 2015

Today was Dad’s birthday. I had arranged for him to drive over to us so that I could take him out as a birthday treat. In the morning we went to Kingson Lacy, where the house was looking stunning in the spring sunshine.

Kingston Lacy house

The real reason for going to Kingson Lacy was to see their snowdrops, however. This was the Victorian Fernery,

Snowdrops in the Victorian Fernery

where, as well as snowdrops…


… the hellebores were out.


Walking on round the banks were carpeted with snowdrops.

Snowdrops in the Lady's Walk

And another shot.


And here’s Dad in the Lady’s Walk amongst the snowdrops.

Dad at Kingston Lacy

And lastly, I couldn’t let a visit to Kingston Lacy pass without taking a photo of the Philae Obelist.

Philae Obelisk

For those of you who don’t know, this obelisk was used to help translate the Rosetta Stone, and more recently the Philae Lander has been named after it (the one that landed on comet 67P as part of the Rosetta mission last November).

After our walk we went back home and then took Dad out to lunch at a local Thai restaurant where had a lovely meal. Dad stayed for most of the afternoon before driving himself home.

Oh, and the bad news today? The car went wrong again last night (a warning light was coming on), so Chris took it back to the garage and we have the loan car back again!

A year ago today

We had had a lot of rain, and Max and I went over to Canford Heath for our walk.

After the rain


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