A cold wind on Canford Heath

Tuesday 3rd March 2015

It may have been sunny for our walk on Canford Heath today, but that wind is still bitter, so I was well wrapped up again. I only had Max with me today, and didn’t take any photos of him for once. Instead I stuck with trees. So here is the first one: bare but covered with yellow lichen against a partly blue sky.

Tree with lichen

And the second is of an old log. I loved the textures and colours on this.


And that’s about it for our walk. I noticed this morning that Max is getting another nasty yeast infection on his chest again, so had a long chat with the vet. We’ve agreed on a slightly different course of action, but I’m pleased to say the meds which stop him scratching so much are in stock again, so Chris picked some up when he took Jez to the vet in the afternoon (she’s in the middle of a course of cartrophen injecttions). For me it’s really good news as Max has been waking me up with his scratching the last few nights.

A year ago today

Max found somewhere new to take his cone on Upton Heath.

Max has found a new flooded area on Upton Heath


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