In which Jez gives the ponies a wide berth

Monday 2nd March 2015

We had sunshine for our Monday morning walk on Upton Heath, which was very welcome, although the wind was bitter. That didn’t stop Max wanting to play in the pond as usual though.

A windy day at the pond

As you can see, it was a bit blustery. Jez wasn’t too bothered either.

Jez in the sun

So it was just me who was well wrapped up against the cold.

We walked on round and when we came to the wide sandy part of the path on the lower heath the ponies were on it: in fact one was rolling around in the dust as we approached. I got Max to walk by without barking at them by distracting him with a cone. Jez didn’t need any such encouragement though, after her least close encounter with them. She gave them a very wide berth.

I took this photo looking back after we were safely past them.

Jez steered well clear of the Exmoor Ponies today

In other news I picked the car back up at lunchtime. It seems to be ok now.

A year ago today

I had Dad and Pat over for a belated birthday lunch so was busy baking. We had steak & kidney pie, followed by a lemon meringue pie, and then a cake with afternoon tea.

Victoria Sandwich Cake


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