A bit of a painful one today

Saturday 7th March 2015

For some reason Jez decided that she wanted to join Chris and Max on their walk this morning, so she stayed at home to snooze while I took Max over to Upton Heath in the afternoon. It wasn’t a particularly nice day, as you can see from the following two photos of views across the heath, but at least it didn’t rain.

Here’s the first shot looking almost due south.

View across the heath (1)

And here’s the next, taken a few yards further on and looking roughly south west.

View across the heath (2)

One of the trees we pass has lots of small galls on it, so today I decided to take a photo of them.


This one, taken further down the hill, I’ve called ‘Lines across the Heath’.

Lines across the heath

And lastly, here’s Max in one of his muddy gullies.


As for the painful bit in the title, well that was my hip. I didn’t think I was going to make it up the Roman Road, let alone all the way round. It was a good job I had my walking pole with me. I don’t know what has suddenly made it so bad but it was pretty painful. I do now know that it’s muscular rather than the joint itself, so I keep massaging it and stretching as I’ve been instructed by my physio.

A year ago today

Max and I went down to Parkstone Bay where the pussy willow was out by the Baiter pond. Spring was certainly slightly more advanced this time last year.

Pussy Willow


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