Back at Upton Country Park

Wednesday 11th March 2015

Only it wasn’t quite such a nice day today as it was yesterday. I chose Upton Country Park again though as I’m still being a bit cautious about my hip where it’s been playing up, and the Country Park is relatively flat. So after yesterday’s photos on the main camera I only have a couple for you from our walk today, taken on the Powershot.

Firstly, the Canada Geese were back feeding in the field again – this time nearer to the fence so I was able to get a half decent photo of them.

Canda Geese grazing

We walked on round: our walk was fairly uneventful this morning. So the second photo is of Max playing in the stream by the new stepping stones.

Playing by the stepping stones

To be honest I wish it were a little deeper. I can’t quite get his tummy washed off where it is so shallow. And it has just struck me that although I’ve never attempted the stepping stones (being of a slightly cowardly disposition), it’s so shallow I could wade across in my wellingtons if I wanted!

I do have one final photo, though. I was really pleased to see that we finally had frog spawn in our pond at home.

Frog spawn at last

Better late than never!

A year ago today

Something to explore on Canford Heath.

Jez has to investigate the tractor


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