To the beach

Thursday 12th March 2015

We had some sunshine again this morning so I took Max down to Ham Common and Lake Pier in Hamworthy. We’ve not been there for quite a while for two reasons: firstly I’ve been keeping Max out of the sea as much as possible due to his skin problems, and secondly, I’ve not fancied it given that they found the body of the poor woman from Corfe there. Anyway, we were back this morning and Max was very happy to be back at the the beach.

Happy to be at the beach again

I even relented and let him swim in the lake, which I didn’t really fancy too much given that this was where the body had been dumped. It looked lovely and serene today though.

The lake tooks tranquil now

After his swim in the lake we went back to the beach and walked along to Lake Pier where I took this photo of the boats moored out in Poole Harbour.


And one last photo: Max has been shivering when he gets wet now he’s had his trim, so today I took his towelling coat so that he’d be a bit warmer in the car on the trip home. Here he is modelling it by the car.

Wrapped up snug in his towelling coat

After today’s walk I’m looking forward to going back there more as the weather improves.

A year ago today

The blossom was out at Upton Country Park.



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