Where’s Max?

Friday 13th March 2015

The forecast was for heavy rain all morning, and it was raining when we first got up. So I wrapped up in full waterproofs, but by the time I went to take Max out the rain had stopped. Thinking of the forecast though I set off for Upton Heath without the camera and still protected against the rain from head to foot.

In the end it didn’t rain on us at all, which was a bonus. I wasn’t going to take any photos (not having a camera on me), but we met the Exmoor Ponies which for a while blocked out path. They’d moved a bit by the time we reached them though and I took a couple of photos. It wasn’t until I’d got home and looked at them on the laptop that I realised how funny this first photo is. So your challenge for today is to spot Max in the photo.

Spot Max

Ah! There he is!

There he is!

I still chuckle to myself each time I look at that first photo.

A year ago today

There was blossom on Canford Heath.



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