Today was even worse

Sunday 15th March 2015

Today was grey and cold! It wasn’t a nice day at all. After backing up my last two month’s photos and baking bread in the morning I watched the Australian Grand Prix. Not exactly an exciting race, but Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for the win.

In the afternoon Jez, Max and I went to Canford Heath for our walk. I parked in Culliford Crescent, so we walked the east side of the heath and spent a while discovering new paths. The only photos, though, are from when Max made a B-line for his ‘new’ pond.

Max in the 'new' pond

Jez joined him in there for a while and then got out to have a sniff around.

Jez wanders off after having a dip

I didn’t take any other photos: the light was just not conducive to it. And I was glad to get home to a hot bath.

A year ago today

We had a sunny day for our walk on Upton Heath where we met the cows.

Hello there!


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