Lambs, a puppy and buzzards at Upton Country Park

Wednesday 18th March 2015

There was a spring-like feel to the air today. Although we still have a bit of a chilly wind the sky was blue and the sun was shining, so I decided to take Max to Upton Country Park. I’m still waiting for the hawthorn blossom and thought it might have been out by now – which, with the exception of one small bush, it isn’t.

There was lots going on at the Park today and the car park was packed: so much so that I had a job to find somewhere to park. I’m guessing it was partly due to the publicity in the past few days as the new section of the Park was officially opened at the week-end. The paths weren’t too busy as we walked around though.

We stuck to our old route more today, but walked it clockwise (we normally used to walk anti-clockwise). So we started off by walking across the front lawn and then heading out towards the shoreline. And I was so pleased we did as in the corner field were two sheep with their lambs. And the sun was behind them, which meant we get to see those wonderful pink ears.

Pink ears

And here’s the little one having a quick mid-morning snack.

Time for a mid-morning snack

We walked on and I took this photo of Max by the duck pond.


As you might be able to tell, I had my best camera with me today. And I had taken two lenses, which meant that when we saw the pair of buzzards flying around above us as we crossed the boardwalk I was able to swap to the zoom lens and get a few shots (well lots of shots actually, but I narrowed them down to the best few). So here is the buzzard in flight.


And here’s another one as it’s underwind is lit by the sun as it banks away.


As I mentioned earlier, the hawthorn isn’t in blossom yet, but I did find this pussy willow, oddly enough on a fallen tree.

Pussy Willow

That was taken in the new section of the park. I’ve just got a couple more shots to share with you today. I was busy taking more buzzard shots (one of the juneviles from last year) and still had the camera set to a really high shutter speed, when we met a lady walking her very wet, and very excited spaniel puppy by the stream.

Happy pup!

What a happy dog. I’ll leave you with one other shot of it: not quite so well in focus but my favourite for the expression, the flailing ears, and the position of those front paws.

Spring fever

Hopefully we’ll meet him (or her) again.

A year ago today

I found a raft spider in the stream when Max and I were out walking on Canford Heath.

Raft Spider


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