Our Saturday walk on Upton Heath

Saturday 21st March 2015

So, yes, it’s Saturday which means that in the morning I clean and in the afternoon I take the dogs over to Upton Heath for our walk. Today’s walk was quite a slow one thanks to Jezebel who kept having to have a short lie-down.

Time for a rest

I was a bit worried by the number of rests she took, as when she did the same thing at this time last year it was the prelude to her slipped disc. Once we got to the little water-filled gully round the back of the hill she brightened up though, although, to be fair, she did have a lie-down there as well.

Cooling down

Max, meanwhile, just wanted me to throw his stick.

Max just wants to play

Of course, first he has to drop it!

I’ve just got one more image for you today, from Pinesprings. There are daffodils in bloom along the back the houses there, and I particularly liked this one under a silver birch tree.


I think that upwards shot works well, contrasting the flower with the tree and the sky as it does.

A year ago today

Max and I came across one of the buzzards having his breakfast in Upton Country Park. He wasn’t particularly happy at being disturbed!

Someone's unhappy at my presence


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