A sunny Sunday on Canford Heath

Sunday 22nd March 2015

Today was a nice day, albeit the wind is still a bit chilly. In the morning I baked bread and a batch of hot cross buns (I need to lower the oven temperature a bit next time and they need more spice), as well as cleaning out what is known as ‘the big dog bowl’ in the garden. The big dog bowl is a children’s plastic sand pit filled with water that I bought in the hope the dogs would use it too cool down in on hot days. They don’t, of course. They just think it’s a big water bowl to drink from.

In the afternoon we went to Canford Heath. Same as last Sunday I parked in Culliford Crescent and we walked on the east side of the heath. Unlike last Sunday we had sunshine and it was relatively warm. This was taken along our path today.

Along the way

On the way we passed this dead tree, which I thought looked rather nice against the blue sky.

Dead tree

And then I took the dogs to the new pond we’ve found. Max was happy (having previously found a water-filled ditch to stand in), and Jez used it as an opportunity to cool down.

Jez cools down

Now that’s what you’re supposed to do in the Big Dog Bowl Jezebel!

A year ago today

It was a similar sort of day as today for our walk on Upton Heath, where I found this bracket fungus looking very flower-like on a silver birch stump.

Bracket fungi on an old silver birch stump


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