I treat Max to a walk by the River Stour

Wednesday 25th March 2015

It was quite a nice morning again this morning, so I decided to take Max back to the River Stour at Cowgrove. Given the lack of heavy rain recently I’m hoping the worst of the mud has dried out a bit.

Although we had sunshine there was still quite a lot of cloud around, which made for a nice photo of the cottage at Cowgrove.


I thought it was about time I took another photo of the lovely oak tree in the field.

Oak Tree

And, of course, another one of my favourite old oak-of-many-faces.

Oak of many faces

I found a new bit of this tree which fascinated me today. It was all knobbly and whirly.


Max, meanwhile, was just happy to be back in the river.

Max in the River Stour

After doing our normal circuit, playing in the big bay twice and letting Max have a short swim we headed back to the car. But not before we’d crossed over Eye Bridge to have another little play on the far side.

Eye Bridge

And that swan in the centre of the photo swam towards me and under the bridge, allowing me to get a few ncice shot of it.

Swan on the Stour

I was pleased with today’s photos. I was trying to use the Focus button on the back of the camera, rather than depressing the shutter button half way to focus (I think it’s this that is resulting in a lot of my photos being not quite in focus). Generally I was very pleased with the results.

A year ago today

I found some lovely blossom at Upton Country Park.

Blossom at Upton Country Park


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