Max and I go back to Upton Country Park

Friday 27th March 2015

It was a morning of sunshine and cloud, with rain promised later. So today I took the EOS 6D when Max and I went for our walk to Upton Country Park. At least we managed to park easily today. I bought the better camera in the hope of getting some photos of early blooms in the gardens, but also kept my eye open for slightly different views today, like this one along the shoreline, heading for the boardwalk (notice Max peaking around the bench seat).

Towards the boardwalk

I also tried this one of the bare tree against the fluffy reeds. I can’t make up my mind whether I like it or not.

Awating it's leaves

Of course, Max had to play in all the streams we came across.


There is very little blossom out on the hedgerows at the moment, but I did find this, just to remind us that spring will eventually arrive.


Today, rather than walking around the front of the house we walked up past the duck pond towards Upton House.

Upton House

As I anticipated the big Magnolia tree was in bloom. Here’s a bud.

Magnolia bud

And this one is open just a little more.

Magnolia bud

It’s difficult to get a photo of a nice open bloom on the Magnolias as they go very blowsy very quickly. I did manage to find this one that was still looking rather nice though.

Magnolia Flower

There were also a lot of flowers on one of the azaleas.


I love the way they almost sparkle.

And finally we walked through the walled garden, where I managed to get this shot, complete with very dramatic skies.

In the Walled Garden

See: I said rain was forecast.

A year ago today

Someone had got lost on Canford Heath and was very upset.

Billy No Mates


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