A weekend on Upton Heath

Saturday 28th March and Sunday 29th March 2015

I ended up walking on Upton Heath both days this weekend. To be honest both days were pretty gloomy and I didn’t think I’d end up with any photos at all, but I do have one or two. The first one is my favourite: taken on Saturday when Jez came with us. We met the cows, and one decided to have a scratch on a fallen tree. Jez was fascinated by it.

If only they could talk

On the Sunday Jez decided to stay at home, so it was only Max and I for our walk, which was why I decided to go back to Upton Heath. As you can see, it was pretty dull and gloomy.

A bit of a dull afternoon on Upton Heath

We did see some nice primroses along the Roman Road though.


Oh, and did I mention that it was very windy. In the event Max managed to do a sterling job of keeping in ears under control in the gusts.

Max manages to keep his ears under control in the wind

I’m hoping for better, warmer weather soon.

A year ago today

I’ve chosen a photo from 28th March 2014. Max and I went to the river at Cowgrove, and I stopped off en route home to take a photo of these two lambs near Julian’s Bridge in Wimborne.

Black sheep of the family


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