I can’t believe it’s April already

Wednesday 1st April 2015

Where has the year so far gone? But at least it should mean better weather is just around the corner. So to celebrate Max and I went to Upton Country Park, where I found some lovely Narcissi in bloom.


We walked past the sheep again, where this one posed nicely for me.


There were some family gatherings too.

Family gathering

So now it’s time for the obligatory photo of Max standing in some water: on this occasion standing in the stream with his cone.


And finally, it was really busy at the Country Park today, due to a combination of sunshine and the school holidays. The car park was packed, but what amused me was the queue to use the new stepping stones.

Queue for the stepping stones

On a slightly negative note as I was leaving I noticed that Poole Council are trying to raise money from the car park at Upton Country Park. It has always been free, but now there are collection boxes up and they are asking for a £2 donation to park. £2!!! I know it’s only voluntary, but I for one feel guilty parking and not leaving money when a donation is asked for. And £2 to park and walk the dog for an hour is way too much when there are lots of places I can park for free. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing so much of the Country Park in future.

A year ago today

I took Max down to Lake Pier and Ham Common at Hamworthy, where I snapped this sunken boat.

Sunk, but still a trace


One thought on “I can’t believe it’s April already

  1. isn’t it amazing how time flies, we were just joking with xmas just round the corner…
    good idea to post what you did last year 😊 might just copy that occassionally…

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