A normal Saturday afternoon on Upton Heath

Saturday 4th April 2015

Being a Saturday meant that in the morning I did the cleaning and then in the afternoon I took Jez and Max over to Upton Heath. It was yet another day with a fairly chilly wind. We walked up the Roman Road and I thought Jez was going to bypass Pinesprings for once, but she just decided to turn into it on a path a bit further up the hill. It did mean that I walked past a tree we would normally miss, and I was really surprised to see that it was starting to get it leaves. The reason I was so surprised was that the leaves look like purple sprouting broccoli. I’ve never noticed them before and had to look the tree up later on. It turns out it’s an Ash.

Ash shoots look like purple sprouting broccoli

We made our way onto the heath, where I took this panorama.

Upton Heath Panorama

I think this might have been the day when we didn’t walk around the back of the hill as usual (Jez’s back has been playing up again), but instead came straight down the hill across the heath. Of course, we ended up as Max’s favourite pond as usual

Max in the pond

And then after that we came on home.

A year ago today

We went to Canford Heath where I took this photo of Jez coming down the steep hill.

Jez is getting a bit tired as she heads down the hill


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