A day for dogs

Tuesday 7th April 2015

Sorry about this, but we’re back to Upton Heath again. This morning though we met our friend Janet with her old Lurcher, Oakley, and her new Lurcher, Jake. And it was Janet’s birthday, so we walked part way round with her and I took a few photos. So firstly, here is Janet with Oakley, Jake and Max.

Janet on her birthday

The bench they are sitting on, which is along the old railway line, is a memorial bench to Janet’s late husband.

While we were there and I had the good camera I took the opporutnity to take a photo of Oakley, who I’m very fond of. He’s 12 years old now.


And this is Jake, the new boy whom Janet has had for a couple of months now. I doubt if you can see it, but I am reflected in his eye.


As well as meeting Janet we met Sid the Staffy, who is a lovely friendly boy.

Our friend, Sid the Staffy

We also met the Exmoor ponies, who were having a bit of a problem with the wind blowing their manes about.

Exmoor Pony

And, of course, there was Max, playing in his pond as usual.


A year ago today

It looks like we went to Upton Heath again, on a pretty murky day. I only have one photo from that walk: of Jez and Max in the stream along the Roman Road.

Jez and Max in the stream


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