Its an English Pointer sort of a day

Tuesday 14th April 2015

There are no photos from yesterday as I went and collected Irene in the morning (its about 90 mins each way). We did have a little walk around Creekmoor Ponds in the afternoon but I didn’t take any photos.

So onto Tueday, when I took Max out over Upton Heath in the morning before going out with Irene a bit later on. Our walk started as usual (collecting cones under the pine trees then playing in the pond). When we got to the lower Heath, however we met Lisa and her children with Cybill, and Dawn with Henry and Ariadne, the puppy.

Time for some treats

As you can see, Ariadne has grown (she’s the one in the middle). She’s only 14 weeks and is already getting really big. Here you can see her with Cybill, her half-sister.

Cybi and Adne

As I often do nowadays I had thrown down my treat bag to get her attention so that I could get some photos. I was in danger of losing it though.

Perhaps if I swallowed it whole

So I gave her my handbag instead.

I can investigate this better if I stand in this hole

It was only when she started wandering around with it and throwing it about that I realised my mobile phone was in there!


After that it was time for some treats.

Waiting patiently

Just a couple more of the dogs. Here’s Cybill.


And here’s Henry.


And lastly for today, a photo of one of the Exmoor ponies who was standing in the sun.

Exmoor Pony

A year ago yesterday

We had had rather a lot of rain, and the stream along the Roman Road was a bit full.

Max was a bit surprised by how deep the stream was


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