Playing in the river

Thursday 16th April 2015

I din’t get to go for a walk yesterday, so there is no post. This afternoon, however, I took Irene for a short walk along the River Stour at Eyebridge / Cowgrove. Of course, Jez and Max came too. Irene didn’t walk all the way round with us: it was too far and too uneven. Instead I left her sitting on a bench at our usual playing place while the dogs and I walked on. I took the opportunity to cut down to the new little playing place Max and I had found.

Max in the River Stour

Jez loved it. First of all she waded out across the river when a coot caught her eye on the opposite bank.

A coot on the opposite bank has caught Jez's eye

Then she waded back.

Jez in the River Stour

And then she went off to investigate all of the flood debris left by the floods last year.

Jez investigates the flood debris

After that we walked on round and through the farm, where the Devon red cows and their bull were in the field. He is a mighty fine fellow.


And then it was back to Irene and home.

A year ago yesterday

Max and I went out to Morden Bog where I took this photo of Sherford Lake.

Sherford Lake


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