Max and I go to see the bluebells in High Wood

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

It’s been a few days since our day out. On Sunday I invited Dad for lunch and we had a big roast dinner. Then on Monday I took Irene home, and Tuesday I too Dad to the eye clinic, so today was my first day of getting back to normal. As it was lovely and sunny I took Max out to Badbury Rings in search of bluebells.

There was quite a chill breeze when we got there, but the skylarks were up and singing so that was a big bonus. Walking around the lanes at the back there is a lot of rape planted. I hate the stuff other than to photograph. But it does make for a stunning photo.

Lines in the rape

And this was the view towards Lambing cottage.

Rape surrounds Lambing Cottage

When we got around to High Wood we found lots of primroses…


… and wood anemones

Wood Anemones

We even found a Holly Blue butterfly (and spider).

Holly Blue Butterfly

But the stars of the show were the bluebells.



Oh, and Max, of course.

Max in the bluebells

We walked back across the centre of the Rings, where the trees are beginning to throw on their green mantle.

Spring comes to Badbury Rings

And where one went so far as to prove that there really is life after death.

Life after death

We had a lovely walk. I was so glad we took the opportunity of a lovely sunny day to go visit.

A year ago yesterday

Jez, Max and I went for a walk over Upton Heath and came home via Creekmoor Ponds, where we saw the Great Crested Grebe with her two young chicks.

Adult and chicks


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