It’s Saturday afternoon so Jez comes too

Saturday 25th April 2015

Virtually every day now Jez is restricting herself to an afternoon and an evening walk. We don’t force her: of she wants to come she comes and if she doesn’t we just leave her snoozing. Based on her panting, walking is quite painful for her, but she still enjoys her walks and loves playing with other dogs from time to time. And all of this arthritis doesn’t stop her from chasing the squirrels in the garden! Poor little soul is only 7 years old though.

Anyway, being a Saturday afternoon Jez came with Max and I for our walk over Upton Heath. Saturday afternoon is when we walk up the Roman Road, divert round through Pinesprings if Jez is with us, and then head up to the Viewpoint on the heath. So my first photo today is taken along the Roman Road, and is of Max, stick in mouth.

Max on the Roman Road

Today when we got to Pinespring Jez decided she wanted to run off along the fenced off area of the nature reserve. Then she picked up a scent, dived under the fence and I lost her for a while. When she came back it was clear she had been in the bog.

Mucky Pup!

She had clearly enjoyed herself though.

A little further along I found one or two bluebells out.


Then we turned onto the heath. Now before the next couple of photos I should explain that yesterday I downloaded the new version of Lightroom (CC2015). This allows for HDR (high dynamic range) and panorama merges within Lightroom, rather then having to jump across the Photoshop. The other advantage of the merge in Lightroom is that you end up with a raw file (assuming that’s what you started with), which gives you much greater editing control. So today I was playing with bracketed shots to produce an HDR image, and then merging them to panoramas. I only used the Powershot handheld, but am really pleased with the results.

Here’s the first panorama across the heath.

Upton Heath Panorama

And here’s the second, taken coming down the hill.

Upton Heath Panorama

If you want to see a bit bigger version of that last one just click on it and it will take you over to Flickr when you can view it on your screen’s full width.

Other than that we headed on home, but not before I’d made sure that Jez washed off all that mud in the pond en route back to the car!

A year ago today

It was another wet one. Max and I went over to Upton Heath, and on the way back I spotted this Mum and her duckling on Creekmoor Ponds.

The rain isn't bothering this Mum and her duckling


2 thoughts on “It’s Saturday afternoon so Jez comes too

    • Thanks. Yes, he really needs clipping again, but we’ve seen the dermatologist recently and I don’t want to get him clipped again until after she’s seen him again.

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