A walk to see the bluebells at Pamphill

Thursday 30th April 2015

It was a lovely sunny morning, so I made the decision to take Max to see the bluebells at Pamphill. The village of Pamphill is on the Kingston Lacey estate with the whole area being managed by the National Trust. We could have parked alongside the cricket pitch in Pamphill and taken a short walk to Abbot Street Copse where the bluebells are. Instead, though, I decided to make a walk of it for Max and I so we started off at our normal walk along the River Stour at Cowgrove.

The River Stour

After playing in the river we headed up the old stream bed towards the village of Cowgrove, and instead of then turning back round towards the river we continued straight on.

On the path to Cowgrove

As we approached the road that runs through Cowgrove this was the view across Cowgrove Common.

Cottage across Cowgrove Common

We crossed the road and headed up towards All Fools Lane. En route we passed this cottage. I was told by a man walking his two labradors that their black cocker spaniel likes to come out and greet passers by, but in this shot he is heading back into the garden.


We continued on up All Fools Lane, which may once have been called All Souls Lane. It is believed the corruption came from a mis-interpretation of the ‘S’ many years ago (many of you will know doubt know that the written ‘S’ and ‘F’ used to be very similar. The woods, when we arrived at them, were well worth a visit.


The bluebells were stunning.


The National Trust have put a path through the woods, although it is not invasive.

Path through the woods

It means that you can get to see the bluebells without everyone trampling them all down. In places though some people have walked in a short distance – I’m guesssing to take photos. I occasionally took advantage of some of these places, such as when I took this photo of Max.

Max in the Bluebells

And lastly a couple of close ups.



Sadly we left the bluebell woods and headed back down All Fools Lane.

All Fools Lane

There are lots of bluebells and wild flowers down to lane too.

I called this photo of pink campions ‘Pretty maids all in a row’.

Pretty Maids all in a row

And I liked these ferns unfurling in the dappled sunlight.


Lastly a view across the fields as we approached Cowgrove again.

Across the fields

So we retraced our steps and then picked up our usual path back to the river and home. In all the walk had taken us around 2 hours. It had been a really lovely morning.

A year ago today

There was a very happy Jezebel at Broadstone Rec.

Show us your tongue!


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