Slightly different views of Upton Heath

Saturday 9th May 2015

It was our usual Saturday afternoon walk to Upton Heath, or so I thought. But Jez seemed a bit under the weather. She was walking very awkwardly and ate lots of grass at one point to make herself ill. I was planning on doing our usual Saturday walk up the Roman Road and across to the viewpoint. We started off up the Roman Road, but Jez didn’t want to turn into Pinesprings Nature Reserve and decided, instead, to take a path off the the left through the trees that I didn’t know was there until today. We followed it through the trees, then across a little bridge over a stream and so over a style onto the heath. We came in on the east of the heath about half way down the hill. This was the view looking up towards the viewpoint.

Looking towards the Viewpoint

I was happy to let Jez take the shorter path home today, so we turned south and followed the path that skirts around the bottom of the big hill, next to the boggy area. Here is Max standing by one of the pools there.

By a boggy pond

You can see the main path up across the heath just behind Max to the right of the photo.

We followed the path until we picked up the main track and then headed back to our normal pond. En route I took this photo of a line of skeletal silver birch trees in front of the hill and the pines behind.

Skeletal tree line

And that was about it. After that we went to the pond where both dogs had a dip, and then walked back to the car and home.

A year ago today

Jez enjoyed being in the sea down at Parkstone Bay.

Jez enjoying the wavers


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