Lunch, then a walk in the New Forest

Sunday 10th May 2015

We went to Dad’s for lunch today. After lunch, and after everyone bar me had had a snooze and we had done the washing up, I suggested going out into the New Forest for a walk. At 88 years old, and following his hip operation a year ago, Dad can’t walk too far or on too uneven ground, so we went to Wilverley Enclosure. Jez and I are the only ones to have been there before. Jez was really excited to go again, which meant Max was pretty excited to be there too. Here’s Chris with Jez and Max walking along the main path through the Enclosure.

Stepping out in Wilverley Enclosure

The other thing about Wilverley Enclosure is that there are seats every so often, so it meant Dad could have a rest if he needed it. Here he is with Chris on one of the seats.

Chris and Dad have a short rest

As we weren’t walking a long way we kept pretty much to the deciduous parts of the Enclosure, which at the moment are a lovely green.

Spring green

We did a little circular walk that took us past an ice cream van, so Dad, Chris and I all had an ice cream. We then headed back to the car. When we got back there a group of New Forest ponies had made there way over and were milling around nearby, so we had to put the dogs on the lead.

New Forest Ponies

We all had a nice time and I was pleased I’d chosen it as the place to go.

A year ago today

We went to Upton Heath where Jez was rather surprised to turn a corner on a narrow path and come face to face with a cow with very large horns.



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