Blue skies over Canford Heath

Tuesday 12th May 2015

Max and I went to Canford Heath this morning and the sun was shining. We arrived, though, to find a fallen tree almost blocking the path onto the heath.

A fallen tree is almost blocking the entrance to the heath

Fortunately you can step around it. A second tree is also leaning precariously though.

We walked across to Steeple Close and then up the steep hill to South Walk. En route I saw this crow sitting on an old tree stump. I thought it looked rather good framed against the clear blue sky.


I also like this shot of Max at the top of the hill.


As for the heath itself, well that was looking rather splendid.

Canford Heath panorama

Finally, you can tell we are getting well into spring as the rhododendrons are starting to come into flower.


That said, there are not that many of them left. They have all been cut back or pulled up as part of the ongoing conservation work.

In the afternoon I walked up to Broadstone for an optician appointment. I am trying a different optician: a lot more expensive but giving a much thorough eye test. What with the eye test and contact lens appointment I was in there 2 hours! I am now trying out some new multi-focal contact lenses which are far better than the ones I had been wearing (which explains why I wear my glasses most of the time). I’m hoping they will work out ok.

A year ago today

Max, Jez and I went to Upton Heath where we met Dolly: a young, Dachshund / Jack Russell / Chihuahua cross.

Dolly, a new friend


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