It’s Monday so it’s Upton Heath

Monday 11th May 2015

As usual on a Monday morning Max and I headed over to Upton Heath for our walk. It was a bit of a grey day. We went to the pond for a game and then walked over the small hill to the boggy area beyond where there is now lots of cotton grass out.

The cotton grass is out on Upton Heath

We came back through the old pits and as we walked past one of the pine trees I spotted that this year’s cones are starting to develop.

Pine cones in the making

Other than that there isn’t much to say about today’s walk. I do have one other photo for you, taken in the evening. It was all getting a little bit crowded around Chris’ seat.

It's all getting a bit crowded

That is Max’s normal position, but we’re not sure what Jez was doing jumping up on the footstool. It isn’t something she normally does.

A year ago today

A twilight shot over Creekmoor Ponds.
Twilight at Creekmoor Ponds


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