Trying out a new walk today

Friday 15th May 2015

Today I was on the afternoon walk again as I had to take Max back to see the dermatologist in Wareham. We had to wait quite a while, and were then in there a long time, so it was late when we left and were able to go for our walk. I had already decided, though, to try out a new walk: at Holton Heath.

Holton Heath (sometimes known as Sandford Heath) lies between Poole and Wareham. The heath itself used to house the Royal Naval Cordite Factory and produced explosives during the second world war. There is still lots of the original fencing around the heath, although part of the old site forms Admiralty Park Business Park. The site was bought by Natural England a few years ago and since then they have been cutting down the conifers planted to hide the cordite factory with a view to restoring the heath. As a result the heath looks as though it’s been subject to a scorched earth policy.

Holton Heath is looking a bit desolate

It was fairly late on a grey afternoon, so it was perhaps not the best of times to view it, but I have to say it wasn’t particularly inviting. The dogs were happy, though, as it was somewhere new. Max was even happier when he found a stream on the western side of the heath where it was at least a bit greener.

Max eyes up the stream longingly

We walked around 3 edges of the heath and then cut back across to the old gun tower.

Jez and Max go to investigate the old WW2 gun tower

And then it was back to the path we came in on, where I found this interesting stone.

HK 1925

I haven’t got a clue what it stands for.

So that was today’s walk. It wasn’t great but was a good length for Jez, so we may occasionally go back.

A year ago today

We went to the river at Cowgrove where, after wading in the river, Jez had a rest in the long grass.

There she is!


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