Jez digs her heels in

Sunday 17th May 2015

It was quite a nice day, albeit a bit breezy, so I thought I would take the dogs out to Badbury Rings this afternoon for a change. So we drove over there, parked and got out of the car and headed for the rings. We walked through the gate and, as I listened to the skylarks singing up above, started to head out along our normal path. Jez came a few feet then stopped. She didn’t want to go that way. We tried another way. No, she didn’t want to go that way either. I tried putting her lead on her and taking her along various routes, but she was having none of it. She just dug her heels in and refused to budge. In the end we went back to the picnic tables where she lay for a while, before I eventually managed to get her back to the car.

So we left Badbury Rings and headed in the direction of the river. I had to go through Pamphill so, on a whim, decided to park up and walk down to the bluebell wood. It was a bit busy. but I was lucky with a parking space. It was a good choice. Jez had never been there before so this was somewhere to explore. From not wanting to walk she was now trotting along on the path ahead of me.

Jez wanders down the path

The bluebells are almost over, but this seat still looked like a nice, tranquil place to sit.

a nice place to sit

Here’s Max having a good sniff of the bluebells.

Max sniffs the bluebells

And a little poem, hung in the woods, that I didn’t manage to get a good enough photo of last time we went.

"The Bluebell"

Back at Pamphill I loved the bluebells and other wild flowers, such as the campions, growing by the road.

Wildflowers at Pamphill

We walked back to the car and I drove on down to the river, where the dogs were able to cool down and have a drink.

The River Stour from Eye Bridge

So that was our walk. It wasn’t quite as I had planned it, but it was a good walk all the same.

A year ago today

Life started to get a bit hectic for me a year ago as my Dad broke his hip. Today, one year ago, was his first day in hospital, but I took Jez and Max over to Upton Heath.

Max waits patiently


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