Not quite our usual Saturday walk

Saturday 16th May 2015

It was a nice, sunny afternoon, albeit a little breezy and we set off for Upton Heath as usual. My intention had been to walk up the Roman Road as usual, but Jez decided against that, and what Jez says, goes. So we crossed the Roman Road and walked up through the pine trees, where I took this photo of Max.


We went to the pond and then I eventually managed to persuade Jez that we could head for the big hill and the viewpoint. However, instead of walking up the hill we followed the path we had taken (in the opposite direction) last week and skirted between the bog and the hill).


I had the EOS 6D with me, so was finally able to get a decent photo of a Heath Milkwort.

Heath Milkwort

I have never seen so many of them on the heaths as there are this year.

So we continued on this path and instead of turning along the path to the Roman Road which we had taken last week, we continued straight on.

This is a slightly different view looking towards the viewpoint.

A new view of the viewpoint

I had seen people take this path through the winter, so assumed that it was fairly dry all the way, but I was wrong. At one point it dips and you have to cross a small boggy area. Fortunately someone had laid a couple of planks there, which I made use of. Jez, who is normally quite intelligent, thought she knew better and so decided to cross the boggy bit.

Jez has to go the hard way

Eventually we made it back onto our normal path and headed for Pinesprings. There we met a border collie and her owner that we meet occasionally. Her name is Megan and she has had a bit of a poorly tummy recently. She is a lovely looking dog, though.


Lets hope she gets better soon.

A year ago today

I had taken the car in for repair, so en route to pick it up Jez and Max cooled down in Hatch Pond.

Jez and Max cool down


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