Max and I try out another new walk

Wednesday 20th May 2015

Today Max and I tried out another new walk, this time around one side of Lychett Bay. Lychett Bay is at the top of Poole Harbour. At high tide it is surrounded by reedbeds, and at low tide there is lots and lots of mud. Today was hight tide.

We started off walking through a little grassy copse on a path which eventually skirts around the sides of the rugby pitches at Turlin Moor.

Heading down the path to Lychett Bay

We found this boat in the reeds just off the path around the rugby pitch.

Boat in the Reeds

This is the first of my views across the bay.

View across the bay

As you get near the houses at Turlin Moor you come to a bird hide. This was the view across the bay from there.

View from the bird hide

We followed the path that runs between the houses of Turlin Moor and the shoreline. Eventually we came to a small ‘beach’ with quite a few boats and some evidence of fishing. There were quite a few moored and still obviously in use. Others weren’t so lucky.

This boat is going nowhere

Here’s Max on the ‘beach’. You can see fishing nets in the foreground and the rail bridge across Poole harbour (carrying the line to Weymouth) in the background.

Max on the shore

At this point it didn’t look as though we could get much further so we turned around. This is a ‘there and back’ walk, but I did turn off down a little path I had spotted through some trees on the way back. Max was ahead of me and as I saw him sniffing up ahead something moved almost under my feet. It was a young fox cub which shot off towards the den. Fortunately Max had missed it! This was the view when we got to the beach the other side of the trees.

View across the bay

I have one last photo for today. This is the view from close to where we parked the car, looking down the bay.

Looking out across Lychett Bay

Max and I had both enjoyed our walk, and it will be a good length for Jez, so we will have to come back again.

I’ll end today with a couple of phone shots of Jez. Firstly snoozing on the sofa in the sitting room. Note how she arranges the cushions to her liking.

Jez snoozing on the sofa

And secondly on the sofa in the living room this evening, after she has ousted me from my seat. Here she’s starting to drop off.

Dropping off

And then she’s asleep.

Asleep on the other sofa

She does like to make herself comfortable!

A year ago today

Max and I went for a walk on Canford Heath.

View towards Poole


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